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Jaa Bru

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Jaaa-Bru 2022

Blank Bottle

If you translate the word “Mal” from Afrikaans to English, it means “crazy” and “Bek” means “mouth”. And that was quite clearly the inspiration behind this label - 100% Stellenbosch Malbec...

The Story
“Jaaaa Bru?” is South African slang for “Yes, my brother?” and this is the warm way I get greeted every time I phone the farmer who farms this vineyard. Jaaaa Bru, a 100% Malbec . Both grow on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain - not facing the ocean as one might expect, but rather Stellenbosch, making these vineyards quite unique. Malbec is a strange-looking grape when it’s ripe. When we pick, it always appears unripe. The berries are soft and juicy and the flesh is green in colour. We ferment this wine without any stems and age it in older French Oak barrels for less than a year. It produces an extracted, yet fresh and complex wine. Phonetically speaking, if you translate “Malbec” from Afrikaans to English, it literally means “crazy mouth”.  And that was quite clearly the inspiration behind the label.

Cultivar: Malbec (100%)
Vintage: 2022
Region: Stellenbosch

Amount of Bottles Produced: 1749

Vineyard: Single vineyard trellis Malbec - Blaauwklippen road - 254m above sea-level NE facing slope.

Winemaking: The grapes were picked at optimal ripeness and cooled overnight to 4 degrees celsius. The next morning the grapes were destemmed to open top fermenters. The juice underwent spontaneous fermentation and stayed on the skins for as long as possible. Pressed into older French oak small barrels, 11 months in barrel, blended and bottled

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