Two parents, three kids, two dogs and one love for craft

the crafty adventure begins

Having spent all our working life as a cog in the corporate machine we dreamt of having our own business..... after many years of trying and failing to invent that next big thing that everyone didn’t realise they needed we decided to take another approach and look at the things that were important to us.
We knew we wanted our own business but we also wanted a better work life balance and be more present as a family. We also wanted to work with something we were passionate about and from this ‘Crafty Fingers’ was born. We live in beautiful Somerset and fully appreciate the tranquil and relaxed way of living it gives us. However, there were still elements of the city that we sorely missed and one in particular made us very frustrated..........

why can't we get a craft beer?

We live around 20 miles away from Bristol where the craft beer scene is vibrant but for some reason it hadn't filtered down to us, we didn't feel like it was as though no one here wanted it, it's just no one had offered it! So this was it, this was the idea, the passion and the life balance we had been searching for. In December 2021 we put the wheels in motion to create a venue with one sole priority in mind; to create a place where we would want to go to shop and drink. The stars aligned and within a couple of weeks we managed to secure the perfect site in the incredible and picturesque village of Wedmore.

what we believe in

We believe that everyone should be able to decide for themselves on what kind of beer they like to drink, all we want to do is offer you another option. We are not here to replace the pub (in fact we hope that never disappears) or traditional ales for that matter, we just want you to know there is another more exciting world of beer beyond the same mainstream selection we always seem to see. We believe that beer doesn’t have to be about volume and always consumed from a pint glass, to us it’s about exploring and sharing and to be looked at with the same enthusiasm that we look at food. We are true advocates for responsible drinking and we always say to our customers to “drink less but just drink better” it is far better to drink one beer of great quality than three pints of tasteless gassy water. A good beer should stimulate your senses, provoke conversation and most of all, make you smile. We hear from so many people that they do not like beer to which we simply reply “no, you just haven’t liked the beer you have tried up to now’. No one has ever drank the world’s best beer, the fun is trying to find it.

what is craft?

The question that everyone asks and everyone struggles to answer! To be honest there may not be a definitive definition, the only way we feel we can answer this question is by telling you what ‘craft’ means to us.

We believe craft products are created by small independent producers who do not mass produce, they resist the temptation of mainstream distribution, they strive for great taste, they only use the best ingredients, they never sacrifice quality, they consider the environment, they recognise consumers nutritional needs, they innovate, they challenge the norm, they are true to their beliefs and they have fun!