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Wiper and True Lager 440ml 4.2% abv
Birthday Collaboration Beers - #3 with Donzoko
Wiper and True, Bristol
Wiper and True have a German Head Brewer, Marvin, who is deeply obsessed with German beer making, and particularly the tradition, precision and rigour of lager making. Up in Leith, Edinburgh, Donzoko is led by owner and brewer Reece, who studied chemistry in Germany before setting up his brewery in the UK. Over the last few years, Donzoko have built up a sterling reputation thanks to a relentless commitment to the beauty of lager in all its forms. And so, really, this collaboration could only ever take one form: a lager, taken very seriously.
Brewed using a traditional German step mash AND a decoction mash to extract maximum flavour from the malt base, we really doubled down on technique and historic methods for this beer. But what on earth are step and decoction mashes?

A step mash is a traditional German method of brewing a Helles, where the temperature of the mash (the mixture of water and malt) is slowly increased, to allow for the extraction of different sugars. The slow, elaborate process brings out additional characteristics from a malt bill, but due to its fiddliness, is not a process typically used in modern brewing - a travesty!

The next stage in the process is the decoction mash. Here, we take a section of the mash and boil it to initiate the Maillard Reaction: the chemical reaction which - in very simple turns - makes caramelised and browned foods taste sweet or ‘baked’. We then re-combine this extra-caramelised, extra-delicious portion of malt, and continue the brew.

Overall, you can expect beautifully complex notes of lightly caramelised bread crust, showcasing a touch of sweetness. For a distinctly non-traditional twist, we added 150kg of buckwheat (25% of the total malt base), which creates a totally unique, nutty flavour that sits really prominently in this beer. Finally, a gentle 10kg of Hallertauer Tradition hops help keep things balanced, with a touch of grassy bitterness.

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